About Ron Feise

Ron Feise

Ron Feise

Dr. Ron Feise is one of the nation’s foremost educators of the practice of evidence-based chiropractic and has been the president of the Institute of Evidence-Based Chiropractic in Scottsdale, AZ since 1998. Dr. Feise also teaches at the institute, which provides distance-learning courses about the most recent developments in chiropractic therapies and scientific research.

Dr. Feise is the owner and director of five chiropractic clinics and the president of RJF Consulting, which offers management and marketing assistance to other chiropractors. He is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and a past president of both the American Chiropractic Scoliosis Foundation and the Professional Chiropractic Association. Dr. Feise has also been honored by the Professional Chiropractic Society with its Scientific Contribution Merit Award.

Dr. Ron Feise, who earned his Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, has published more than 40 peer-reviewed articles in a variety of chiropractic journals and sits on the editorial and scientific committees of numerous scholarly organizations and licensing boards. Dr. Feise is also involved with the Buckle Up for Safety and Lives program, the Arizona Friends of Tibet, and Clinica Ahuas in Honduras.


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